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What they say?
SME defaults and Credit Card debt.

What sets Peter (well) apart from the competition is the quality of service provided, his knowledge, expertise and wisdom, the depth of information he requires to provide himself with the best research into a client’s needs, his availability both in and out of hours, coupled with endless patience and good humour and a unique ability to see the bigger picture, solve problems and provide real world solutions.

Peter’s mantra is “There must be a way…” and he invariably finds it.

We are delighted — truly delighted — with the results.

What People are saying about us.

SME with defaults and Credit Card debt

We have found CapLend to be very professional and effective at delivering the results we need in debt management, understanding budgeting and restructuring our finances. Peter from CapLend is not only very knowledgeable and systematically detailed in addressing our situation, but has an extensive network of contacts with whom he constantly worked to get our results. Their clarity of fees and charges is a welcome relief compared to other professions that charge large monthly bills. We have found that CapLend gave us a very cost effective service with excellent results.
Geoff D.

Creditor Control & Refinance.

You are amazing!! Thank you. You have brought our creditors under control and we are now able to focus on building our business because of you.
John R.

Artists Funding

We were recently approached by an artist couple to raise funds for them to attend an international exhibition where they had strong verbal indications that their art would sell. They had difficulty demonstrating any degree of serviceability and their trading figures were almost non-existent due to the long time it took to create the art so it was not possible to use traditional lenders for them. CapLend was able to secure the funding for them to travel abroad and show their art.

Financial Engineering

Caplend provides corporate seervices of business compbining the effective and practical use of corporate structures combined with innovative funding solutions to give our clients maximum flexibility and safety in their business growth.  Caplend - financial engineering for business is on Facebook.

Loans are settled quickly, generally within a week for almost any useful business purpose.

  • Passenger Motor Vehicles
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Emergency Funds
  • ATO Tax, GST or SGC debt
  • Trucks, Trailers, etc
  • Medical & Surgical Equipt. 
  • Debtors & Creditors
  • Reconstructios, Purchases
  • Buy-outs, Business Startups
  • Stock, Purchase Orders
  • Import, Export  and Trade
  • Tractors & Farm Machinery
  • Developers and Builders

We understand Business Funding.

Cash-out from Existing Plant & Equipment.

Clients often need the ability to extract cash from their existing equipment. Whilst generally considered not possible at reasonable finance rates, our professional legal, accounting and financial network will work together to engineer client solutions often close to bank rates. This can be done on any number of items from a whole multi-million dollar fleet to just a single item.

Company Buy-back. Agressive Creditors, including ATO and Receivers.

Clients are able to buy back their business and continue operating. Our network of accounting, legal and financial professionals are able to engineer solutions to the maximum benefit of the client, irrespective of how dire the client may initialy consider their circumstances.

Partner buy-out from relationship failure.

Always a stressful time but when logic prevails it is generally to the benefit of both parties to keep the business running that is providing the cash flow to both partners. Our professional network of accounting, legal and financiers will actively work to achieve the best result for all stakeholders..

Project Development Finance.

Protect your  personal and business assets with effective structures and processes and fund your project with our cost effective lenders who have a detailed and practical knowledge of the financial needs of developments, both large and small. 

ENQUIRE TODAY - its free to meet with us.

What we do?

We understand that the time will come when you require additional finance for your business – perhaps to take advantage of new opportunities, buy out a competitor, acquire new equipment or to restructure business debt via a business turnaround or debt consolidation strategy. Irrespective of your business size, type or sector, CapLend can assist to make your future success as simple and straightforward as possible.

We lend Australia wide and to most business sectors with loans ranging from fully unsecured to fully secured facilities and we will be pleased to talk to you about your business and how we might design a financial structure to suit your specific business needs.

Debt, equity, cash flow, trade short or long term, core debt, Overdraft or asset finance. We offer a fully personalised service to tailor & design a financial solution for you. Having credit pressures from your current banker? We can help there too. Just enquire now and we will arrange an obligation free, no cost meeting to discuss your situation.

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Unsecured Business Loans

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Unsecured business loans are used for business with strong cash flow and balance sheets but do not have real-estate security to offer the lender. It may involve personal uarantees, charges over the business or assets of the business. These loans are more expensive than secured loans because the risk is generally assessed as being higher than secured loans. They are a very effective way of raising short term cash for an established business, buy back your business from Receivers or bankruptcy, raise short term farm loans for cropping providing that the necessary insurances are in place.

Secured Business Loans

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These are business loans secured with real-estate assets. These loans generally have longer repayment periods and lower costs than unsecured loans and are suitable for businesses needing to set up core debt or long term working overdraft fcilities. Low doc loans work well for business to provide core debt, cash flow financing, emergency funds, paying off tax debt or business growth when some security is available.

Plant and Equipment

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Purchasing major items of plant & equipment can be both expensive and place a substantial drain your business's cash resources. CapLend can provide fast (typically 2-3 days) flexible funding at low interest rates even if your credit less than perfect. Leasing can be a very effective way of maximising your tax deductions - call to discuss. Here are some industries who typically have a need for substantial itmes of equipment that may better be financed rather than purchased outright.

Industries we cover.

Transport Vehicles

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All types of wheeled or tracked vehicles for industry, including prime movers, trailers, earthmoving and construction equipment, forklifts and other warehousing vehicles, busses, passenger cars and ute's, agricultural equipment, delivery vans, motor cycles and almost any other type of vehicle.

Working or Emergency Capital

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The need for additional can arise at any time during the life of a business for a variety needs, usually unplanned or unexpected events or situations that arise abd that must be addressed. Some of the more common needs for additional capital may include

  • Partner or competitor buyout
  • Increasing capacity to meet sales growth
  • Shop fitouts
  • Purchase additional stock at discounted prices
  • Seasonal or Cropping capital typically for agriculture
  • Operating funds to cover unexpected cash shortfalls
  • Emergency repairs
  • Sales & marketing funding
  • Specialised asset acquisitions
  • Pay ATO Debt
  • Pay Creditors
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